Competency Documentation

North American Division Pilot Program for dual enrollment/dual credit, sponsored by Walla Walla College:

Adventist LEAP: Leading Edge Accelerated Program



Adventist LEAP, or Leading Edge Accelerated Program, is a project designed to enable high-achieving Adventist high school junior and seniors to take online college courses that would fulfill the requirements for their last two years of academy as well as form the basis for their first two years of college. Organization of this program includes utilizing phone contacts, email communication, personal meetings, presentation, my masterís research (documentation, review of current literature, surveys and focus groups), and other various means to form, organize, and communicate this program. As this program becomes accepted and well-known, a significant change will take place in the delivery of Adventist education in the NAD.

Documentation: See LEAD690: Organizational Change

All email and snail mail communication will be saved; notes from phone conversations will be documented. The concept paper and flow chart, rough draft, final draft, and drafts for various organizations (ADEC, secondary NAD education directors) will be included. The research paper in its many stages will be included in digital format.

Reflection: See LEAD690: Organizational Change

What was the reason the Adventist LEAP program became a burning issue for me? What leadership skills did I employ when organizing this program from its very inception? Whose work/what literature was significantly instrumental in helping form the basis for my actions and the direction in which my research took me? Did the final project look like the original idea? What changes occurred during the planning process, and what input initiated/pushed for/required those changes? What literature/documentation/philosophy supports the changes, or the thought process of the need for modification based on othersí input and/or additional research/information?

Since creating the timeline re: organizational advances for Adventist LEAP for LEAD690: Organizational Change, several significant events have occurred. From time to time I will update this page with new information until Adventist LEAP is fully implemented.

January 2004: Shirley Freed, president of Adventist Virtual Learning Network (AVLN) asks me to write a column for the Journal of Adventist Education about Adventist LEAP.

January 15, 2004: The Distance Learning Committee at Walla Walla College met and presented the criteria and application for Adventist LEAP that Dave Bullock, committee chair, had asked me to prepare.

January 24, 2004: Gerald Kovalski, Vice President for Education of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist, wrote the letter of permission to conduct research for my masters research on Adventist LEAP.

February 12, 2004: Dr. Ginger Ketting-Weller, Academic Vice President at Walla Walla College and member of the Distance Learning Committee, attends the principals' meeting in Portland and sends positive word back to the committee of interest from academy principals. NOTE FROM MINUTES: "Ginger reported to the committee via email that at the NPUC Education Council there is much interest in initiating Adventist LEAP in a timely manner. Principals see this as a great way to enhance their programs. Several principals said they’re already partnering with community college 'running start' programs, with one school partnering with Oregon State University. The principals are asking that we include NPUC personnel in our planning."

February 18, 2004: Dave Bullock presents Adventist LEAP idea to the Master Planning Committee. Manfred Simcock, Vice President for Finance, suggests that they look at other models of financing for similar programs at private colleges, and scholarships for running start-type programs.

February 26, 2004: The Distance Learning Committee at WWC continues to discuss LEAP, setting some ACT/SAT/PSAT and GPA standards for admission. They also discussed financing options, and will continue this discussion with Victor Brown, recruiter, and others. The official proposal is almost ready for presentation to faculty senate.

March 2004: Dave continues to discuss Adventist LEAP with Victor Brown and others.

March 16, 2004: Dave meets with Victor Brown, recruiter, Manfred Simcock, VP for Finance, and other financial staff to discuss funding models for Adventist LEAP. I attend via videoconference camera. Several funding models are discussed. Significant buy-in to the concept is evident. There seems to be general agreement that Adventist LEAP needs to be implemented.

Spring, 2004: WWC College faculty senate approves concept and plans to implement program in the fall of 2005. Dave Bullock's note:


I presented the concept to Faculty Senate and short story is that they approved the concept. So we are moving forward in the direction of developing a list of target courses for putting online.

I have not heard from Lanny Hurlburt about the conference ad hoc committee established to study this concept.

Is there anything in particular that you would like me to address at the AVLN presentation on LEAP? I'm prepared to talk about the general parameters of our program and plans to implement in fall of 2005.

I don't know that we need to discuss anything at graduation, but I'd like to begin refining our list of WWC courses that we think would work for LEAP options. I'll try to put some ieas together and email you with what I find.


Dave plans to attend AVLN conference in June to discuss Adventist LEAP and Walla Walla's implementation of the program with attendees.