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Masters in Leadership Research

Shelley Bacon





Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Programs: A Survey of Current Practices and the Need for Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Programs within Adventist Education



Shelley Bacon


Goals of the Project:

This Research paper will outline the following:


Research Method:

*†† Literature will be reviewed.

*†† Completed questionnaires will be evaluated quantitatively.

*†† Focus group sessions will be recorded with a conventional tape recorder and/or a video camera and conversations will be analyzed qualitatively.


Human subject interactions:

Parents of advanced high school students at several academies will be asked to participate in focus group discussions to determine the perceived need for a faith-based dual enrollment/dual credit program. Participants are expected to be in their late 30ís to early 50ís. The only determining factor in choosing participants will be the academic status of their students and their willingness to engage in dialogue about potential solutions to the need for academically challenging curricula for their children.


Method of selection for human subject participants:

Letters and postcards will be sent to selected academies to solicit participation from parents. Registrars and principals will be asked to identify potential participants by listing academically superior students.





Permission letter for participants in focus group:



Initial questions for focus group participants:




Additional Questionnaires and letters of request:

Adventist Academy Registrars:


Adventist College/University Academic Vice-Presidents:


Church Clerks:

Church Clerk Questionnaire




Potential risks:

No known risks have been identified.


Precautions for preserving anonymity of participants:

Any videotapes will be stored in a locked cabinet after the contents have been transcribed until destroyed.

Any audiotapes with identifying names of participants will be stored in a locked cabinet after the contents have been transcribed until destroyed.


Letter of permission:


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