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Easy Bake Cookie Company

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History: The history of the Easy Bake Company is contained in a letter to the local Eastern Washington NPR television station in December of 1998, asking them to consider doing a program on my company. Here is the text of that letter:

Here is the response from NPR:

Here is my response to Bob's letter:

Fundraiser: Easy Bake teamed up with Movie Style Popcorn Company to form a fundraising effort. We were given a free booth at the 2000 Teachers' Convention in Dallas Texas. Here are pictures from that convention, flyers for the product, and a small sample of communication re: fundraising.

Front of Promotional Flyer:

Back of promotional flyer:

Sample communication:

Pictures of fundraising product:

Marketing/PR/Communication: Here is some sample marketing and public relations communication, some of which contains budgeting information:

The Easy Bake Cookie Mixes, as stated in the history written to NPR, were produced by students, first from Colville Valley Junior Academy, and finally from Upper Columbia Academy. Here are some pictures of the production of the mixes:

One of our local banks featured local businesses as a display for one month at a time. I was asked to put up a display of Easy Bake Cookie Mixes. Here are pictures of that display:

Management/Allocating Resources: Here are sample documents of budget items, demonstrating management and allocation of resources:

Easy Bake video clip: During the 1998-1999 school year, students from Upper Columbia Academy "demonstrated" Easy Bake Cookies two separate times at local grocery stores as part of their regular community service. On one of these occasions, I alerted a local news station of their activities, and a news crew came to video and interview one of the students baking cookies and giving out samples. Here is that movie clip, which aired on the news at 6 and 11 that night:

Easy Bake Movie Clip