LEAD690: Managing Public Awareness
Competency Documentation

Colville Valley Junior Academy
(Marketing, budgeting, organization)

We moved to the Colville valley in the summer of 1990. Shortly thereafter, I became involved on a volunteer basis with the local Adventist school, which was then an eight grade school. Throughout the next 10 years, I served as a school board member, school board treasurer, school board vice-chairman, and school board chairman. I instituted a work study program as a volunteer, created a "Free Christian Education" day, wrote numerous articles for the local paper, taught classes, and did whatever I could to market and improve the school. A leader in a school organization has to clearly set goals (financial goals, educational goals, structural goals), and communicate these goals as well as the success of the organization in reaching these goals.

Reflections: See Reflections 2a: Dynamic Change Agent, Reflections 2c: Public Relations, LEAD690: Managing Public Awareness, Reflections 3, Reflections 4

Several sample articles from the local weekly newspaper:

Sample board minutes, financial information, board meeting notes:

Sample communication from the board (written by me in the chairperson capacity on letter head I designed)

"Free Christian Education Day" (a program I instituted for visitation of the school by prospective students):