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4MAT Lesson Plans

4MAT: (http://aboutlearning.com/)
Bernice McCarthy developed the 4MAT method of teaching based on extensive study of brain research. The basic underlying theory behind this method is that everyone learns differently, and that education should reach each type of learner at some point throughout the curriculum. Units, concepts, and entire year themes can be “4MATted,” creating activities and experiences around the 4MAT “wheel” to meet every learner type at some point in the presentation of the unit or concept. The 4MAT wheel begins with a “connect” piece that correlates with William Glasser’s concept of “The Quality School” by making the subject matter applicable and interesting to the students – getting them to “buy-in” to the importance of this material to their lives today and thereby enhancing their desire and willingness to learn. The wheel continues with “inform” and other pieces and culminates with some type of demonstration of the concepts they have mastered. In my curriculum and in my teaching, I use this 4MAT wheel as often as possible. I find it helps build interest and creates a fun learning environment for the students.

The links below will take you to samples of curriculum that implements the 4MAT model, created to work in an online educational structure. The 4MAT pieces in the sample weekly written work would be implemented throughout the unit. (Additional 4MAT samples of weekly plans can be found at LEAD690: Curriculum Design.)

Weekly Plan
Weekly Written Work (teacher's editions showing plans for implementing the various parts of the 4MAT wheel